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Photography started out as a passion for me, before I decided to pursue it professionally in 2008.
I received my B.A in photography at Azad university of Art & Architecture in 2015.
Along the path of finding my photography style, I became interested in Minimalism.
As time passed I tried to capture moments in different realms of photography such as fashion photography & advertisement, as well as developing my own characteristics in my work.
My thesis was about the evolution of self-portraits from the dawn of their existence until Modern times.
I never limit myself when it comes to accepting projects and I am keen to gain new experience through different challenges.


Playground (Group Exhibition)               
East Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran 

NOVEMBER 16 - NOVEMBER 20 - 2012

TinTin Exhibition

Hedayat Gallery, Tehran, Iran  

JANUARY 4 - JANUARY 11 - 2019



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T- +1 (647) 807 3931

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